cheanger's Journal

Still kind of empty--because either I can't find the time to hype up my journal or I'm too *sadly* lazy -__-
I actually have a journal elsewhere, if you'd like to view it, feel free to message me!

Will definitely update this soon though! :D

More or less I'm a fresh graduate from college, born and raised in Manila, PH. :D
I like meeting new people and I like to smile. :D and make people smile, of course. :)
I LOVE NEWS, and my bias is Massu. LOL one big chunk of the percentage of my joining LJ is actually cause of NEWS. :D
I do like other JE groups though (V6, KAT-TUN, etc.) and I listen to other kinds of music too besides J-pop. :D

I will most definitely talk about rl stuff too. :D

[edit: 8/2016]